We develop data visualization solutions for applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D.


Target Discovery Platform

Our Target Discovery Platfrom is a web-based visual data analysis solution designed to score, rank, filter and visualize datasets that provides all the data and visualizations needed to identify analysis targets.

Innovative Visualizations

Novel visualization techniques designed by our visualization experts based on state of the art visualization research.

Ranking and Scoring

Rank and filter entities such as genes, cell lines, and tissues based on a wide spectrum of attributes.

Sharing and Reproducibility

Analysis tracking is where Ordino shines: refine histories and use them to revisit an analysis or share it with colleagues.

Data Sources

Load data from in-house databases, public datasets such as TCGA and CCLE, or from files. We also provide custom solutions to handle your own data sources.

Identifier Mapping

Resolve mappings between various identifiers and annotations (Ensembl, gene symbols, and others).


The platform can be extended using a flexible plugin mechanism. Possible extensions can be additional visualizations, data providers, and scoring capabilities.


Visual Analysis Solutions

We develop and implement visual analysis solutions for biological data that are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs.


We offer consulting services for the design, implementation, or modernization of visual analysis solutions. Our focus lies on biological data visualization and the use of modern web technologies, such as D3.js, React, and many more.


Marc Streit

CEO and Co-Founder

Samuel Gratzl

CTO and Co-Founder

Alexander Lex


Nils Gehlenborg


Christian Lehner

Full Stack Developer

Stefan Luger

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for back-end, front-end, and full stack developers.
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