We develop data visualization solutions for applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D.


Target Discovery Platform

The Target Discovery Platform (TDP) is a platform designed to build web-based visualization and analysis solutions for drug target discovery and other biomedical R&D applications. The platform provides a plugin and extension mechanism to extend its core capabilities and build feature-rich applications.

Data Sources

Load data from in-house databases, upload data from files, or use public datasets such as TCGA and CCLE. Applications based on the TDP can also be extended to use custom data sources.

ID Mapping and Annotations

Flexible mapping mechanism that resolves multi-mappings between various annotations (Ensembl, Gene Symbol, etc.).


The base platform can be extended using a flexible plugin mechanism. Possible extensions include specialized visualizations, data providers and scoring capabilities.

Sharing and Reproducibility

Provenance tracking is where the TDP shines. User can share a state with colleagues via a URL, making collaboration seamless. They can also jump back to any state of a previous analysis, to reproduce findings or to continue the analysis.


Dynamically composing rich dashboards

dTiles shows an overview of your data by leveraging synchronized views to composed dynamic dashboards. Dashboards can be reused and shared by saving the configurations and loading them with different datasets. dTiles provides a clean user interface to fit the needs of different user groups – from beginners to experts.


Data-driven prioritization of genes, cell lines and tissues

Ordino is a visual data analysis solution for visualizing and ranking tabular data. It computes scores based on different parameters, ranks and filters them to subsequently identify new analysis targets.

Academic licences for research or educational use can be obtained free of charge. To request an academic licence or to get details and pricing please send an email to contact@datavisyn.io.


Custom Visual Analysis Solutions and Components

We take care of the conception and implementation of visual analysis solutions that are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs.


We offer consulting services for the design and implementation of visual analysis solutions. Our focus lies on biological data visualization and the use of modern technologies, such as D3.js, Chart.js, React, TypeScript, Python, Docker, Elasticsearch, Postgres, MongoDB, Oracle and many more.


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