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Experience the power of our interactive visual drug discovery solution. 

Ordino is an interactive visual data analysis solution, empowering you to effortlessly rank, filter, and explore a diverse range of experimental and metadata, all in one flexible platform. Ordino contains public data from 65+ sources to readily address a multitude of use cases – ranging from identifying genes that could serve as potential drug targets or biomarkers, to finding the most appropriate cell line for an experiment.

Ordino Analysis Workflow


Define a list of items

Select the genes, cell lines, or tissue samples from our pre-defined list of items or upload your own dataset of interest.


Rank, filter, select items

Rank and filter the items by experimental and meta data. Add more columns on demand. Select most interesting items.


Obtain detailed information

Dive deeper into the selected entities and obtain further information or visualize selected items.

Form a data landscape

Merge data from public and in-house sources into a single data landscape that can be explored seamlessly.

Visually explore your data

Use interactive visualizations to explore targets, diseases, and compounds and their relations in a single platform. 

Navigate through your data landscape

Seamlessly transition between tabular datasets and further explore selected data items. 


Store and share your insights

Create projects to save custom datasets for later use and share insights with other users.

Ordino in Action

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Selected Core Features

Data Landscape

Ordino allows you to connect to manifold data sources just by configuration. The software visualizes data from these sources in a user-friendly format that is easy to navigate. Your users can effortlessly browse through available data sources without even realizing where the data originates from.

Ranking and Filtering

Use the full capacities of LineUp.js to filter, rank, sort, and group your tabular data. LineUp.js is an award-winning interactive technique designed to create, visualize and explore rankings of items based on a set of heterogeneous attributes. It combines the convenience of a spreadsheet-like table with the power of in-line data visualization to immediately identify and understand underlying patterns in your data.

Workbenches and Transitions

With Ordino, data sets are no longer isolated silos. When you identify a data set of interest, you may wonder how it is connected and represented in other data sources. That’s where Ordino comes in – it empowers you to jump from one data set to another, gaining a better understanding of how your data sets of interest are related. No longer will you be confined to a single source, as Ordino expands your visibility and insights into the broader context of your data.

Obtain Detailed Information

Ordono seamlessly integrates both public and internal web-based sources. This enables users to effortlessly access supplementary information without the hassle of switching to their browser, opening the source, and manually searching for the data.

Aevidence Database

The AevidenceDB preloaded in Ordino integrates public data from 60+ sources, including cBioPortal, ChEMBL, depMap, GTExPortal, Reactome, TCGA, Uniprot, and many more. Aevidence is shipped with a set of data importers that are based upon the mara ETL framework.

License Models

datavisyn offers licenses for corporate and for non-commercial/academic use

Corporate License

The corporate license follows a subscription model with annual fees. The subscription includes access to all features of the tool, continuous and unlimited updates, and usage support. Multi-year discounts are available.


Enterprise licenses come with packages of “seats”. Active regular users take a seat. The standard package includes 10 seats. Larger packages are available upon request. Seats are evaluated holistically, i.e., datavisyn reviews usage, and if the usage consistently exceeds the usage of the package, the customer is asked to upgrade their package. 

Optional services

Datavisyn provides optional support for the deployment, operation, and development of extensions and modifications. We also offer 2-day on-site or remote trainings. These services are based on an hourly rate or on an agreed-upon flat fee. Extensions and modifications require a valid license.    


An active license includes the following maintenance efforts:

  • Provision of periodic release packages 
  • Problem analysis, identification, and correction of bugs
  • SLA availability between 8 AM and 5 PM CET on Austrian business days
  • Updates to changes in 3rd party libraries and dependencies
  • Application support: Answering technical questions about the functionality of the software

Academic License

Academic organizations or non-commercial users can request a free license. We are happy to provide support for the usage, deployment, operation, and custom developments for academic users based on an hourly rate or on an agreed-upon flat fee. If you are interested, please contact ordino@datavisyn.io with your contact information (full name, institution name, institution email address).

Pricing & Plans


Academic / Non-Commercial


1 year
multi-year discounts available




Seats included

larger packages available


Public data import
from over 65 sources



Software maintenance



Deployment, data
integration, operation, and
extension development




2 remote training sessions included


User authentication

SSO support



1 month free trial with public data on a datavisyn hosted demo system

1 month free trial with public data on a datavisyn hosted demo system