Precompetitive Customer Collaboration Program

Working together to advance data visualization and analysis tools for early drug discovery


The Power of Synergy

datavisyn was founded in the spirit of collaboration. We rely on our customer community not only to provide invaluable feedback and suggestions for new releases and desired features, but also to help us prioritize decisions that shape our product roadmap. For us, you are not only users, but partners in our quest to develop rich and robust data analysis tools for early phase drug discovery.

To further strengthen our collaborative ecosystem, datavisyn offers all active licensees the opportunity to participate in our Precompetitive Customer Collaboration Program. This initiative is designed to:

  • Unite datavisyn licensees and customers and give them a voice in our development plans for current and future applications.
  • Synchronize datavisyn’s development roadmap with the priorities of program participants.
  • Foster collaborative efforts among customers with shared biomedical data analysis requirements.
  • Leverage synergies in application development.
  • Pool financial resources for maximum efficiency and minimal investment risk.

How It Works

All datavisyn licensees may join this precompetitive collaboration program. Participation is voluntary, there are no extra fees, and you may withdraw anytime. Through this initiative, you can:

  • Fund or co-fund applications, data integrations, and platform components of particular interest to your team.
  • Receive perpetual, unlimited user licenses for applications you co-fund (including future developments co-funded by other licensees).
  • Vote on future developments of co-funded applications. Every vote has equal weight and is independent of co-funder contributions.

Collaborating with datavisyn

As the program leader, datavisyn:

  • Gathers development interests and proposals for co-funding from each participant.
  • Conducts quarterly virtual meetings, during which we share our product roadmap for future platform developments, solicit feedback from all program participants, and moderate a collaborative discussion on potential and ongoing precompetitive initiatives.
  • Oversees, assesses, and carries out funded projects. Inception workshops and hackathons involving co-funding participants will be arranged as necessary.
  • Develops and markets all co-funded applications non-exclusively, as part of the datavisyn platform (see datavisyn Intellectual Property Terms and Conditions for more details).

Get Started

Interested in helping us create the best data visualisation and analysis tools for your team? Contact your datavisyn representative and let’s talk.

datavisyn Intellectual Property Terms and Conditions

datavisyn holds the IP for funded applications and retains the right to market co-funded applications together with the datavisyn platform to third parties. Funding companies hold the perpetual right to use (co-)funded applications and corresponding source code within their company but have no right to re-distribute the application or source code, nor do they have the right to modify the source code in any way. In return, datavisyn is responsible for maintaining all funded developments free of charge for all co-funders as long as the platform is actively marketed. Furthermore, datavisyn holds the right to disclose all participating company names among participating companies.